Privacy Policy

Muhabura Capital Ltd (“MCL”) as a regulated, financial services provider, is dedicated to safeguard personal information of its stakeholders. The Data Protection Act 217 (‘’DPA’’) places an obligation upon MCL, as a Data Controller, to collect and use personal data in a responsible and accountable manner. Our Policy applies to anyone[1] who interacts with us, who enquires about our products and services or who makes use of them, via any media including email, website, telephone, etc.

This commitment is powered by our Compliance Team who have an oversight on the use of personal data in our services. All our employees acknowledge the importance of data protection through our Code of Ethics which outlines the standards of appropriate conduct expected from our employees, and which accentuates on all the obligations we place on them, including that of confidentiality. 

Confidentiality is fundamental to MCL’s business, and this document illustrates how we process your personal data to give you transparency. It also informs you of your rights regarding your personal data.

[1] Prospective client, client, employee, consultant, or agent providing services to MCL or to whom MCL provides services.

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